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What we save thru efficiency can be invested in better materials.


What can the Renovators do?

- change your old-fashioned bathroom for a high-spec modern one.




Kitchens. Fast.


Kitchen renovation can be a hassle. (But not with us!)

The reason is that a kitchen renovation requires half a dozen different skills in a very small space.

- you need a smart interior designer to make something that's practical ánd beautiful
- you need hot & cold water plumbing plus an understanding of dishwashers, washers/dryers etc.
- you need high-power electricity installed for your hobs and ovens
- you need marble or granite counter tops and delicate metal faucets
- you need glass shower boxes and mirrors
- you need beautiful lighting that resists kitchen vapours, fumes and heat
- you need ventilation exhaust system to evacuate smells

Tradtionally, some people solve this with a succession of different tradesmen (plumbers, tilers, electricians, glass makers, carpenters, marble workshops...)

Yet we all know how this ends: slow, expensive, frustrating - and everyone blaming mistakes on the others.

Some others entrust one 'jack of all trades' to do all these different tasks, and hope for the best. Sometimes it works; but most of the time, 'Jack' is really good at one thing. And quite bad at the rest, so you end up with mediocre end results.

At the Renovators©, our 'Jack' may not know everything about plumbing - but he knows exactly how to install the (easy) plumbing of our systems - which is largely pre-installed in our factory under much better circumstances and control. He may not know everything about electricity - but he knows exactly how to install our systems (which use only the very best connections and materials, so you don't have to worry about messy wiring or short circuits). You've got our drift.












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