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What we save thru efficiency can be invested in better materials.


What can the Renovators do?

- change your old-fashioned bathroom for a high-spec modern one.





Home Renovation. Safely.


Home renovation can be a scary adventure. But not with us!

The Renovators integrate ALL know-how needed for a smooth renovation project under one roof. You have only ONE contact person that manages everything for you - so budget, timing, and quality are all strictly under control.



- technical due diligence: home inspection by technical specialists

Specialists analyse the structural integrity of the house, foundation, roofs & waterproofing; or anything else that may be of interest. Know exactly what you're getting into before you start!

- legal due diligence: what can you do?

Our architects and lawyers will check how far your renovation can go.
- Can you add an other floor? Make the windows larger? Use the basement for extra space?
- Can you add floor heating, or hot/cold airconditioning?

- commercial due diligence: what makes sense, and what doesn't?

Our real estate agents will tell you what the added value to your house is, and how to make the house more sellable later on, without going overboard.



- our architects make designs of the existing structure

In Spain, most dividing walls can be taken away - but the pillars and beams usually must remain. Our architects first make a 3D design of the pillar/beam structure and then provide you with proposal showing how the house could be redesigned.

- new house designs & renovation licences

Based on your desires and the structure of the house, we work with a large choice of architects and interior designers that can help you make the most of this

- tax & legal consultancy

Home renovations can have interesting advantages - from tax write-offs to

- get quotes and negotiate

Once the design is

Our materials and techniques were especially developed to allow quick and idiotproof installation.

We've actually learned the basics for this in Brazil, where no skilled labour was available at all to build our high-end homes. But we learnt that, if everything is thought out in great detail beforehand, we could build to very high specs using the most luxurious materials - for the cost of 'medium' specs.

We've spent more time on each individual design than a normal architect ever can.

Design. Redesign. Simplify. Start over. And after a few thousand hours of research, we finally got to a few designs that offer stunning high end quality and looks - for the price of a 'normal'. We also use the very best materials, the very best tools, so our technicians can work as productively as possible.

We've trained our people to do one thing very well.

No jacks-of-all-trades here. We've researched and researched until we've found the most efficient way to do kitchen and bathroom renovation. And then trained our people to do it our way, u. No more. No less.
This way we are sure everything gets done right, the first time, and without wasting time nor materials.






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